5 Must Have Features All Nigerian Business Websites Should Have

While it has been established as a universal fact that any organization created for profit making in today’s world without a business website is on the fast lane to decline. So many businesses, especially in emerging economies like that of Nigeria, are yet to take the advantage of this golden opportunity.

As much as having a business website is important for a business, it is equally important for us to understand that the opportunities found therein can only be exploited when a competent website design company handles the project.

The importance of having a business website developed by a competent business website designer cannot be overemphasized as it will open lots of prospects for the company.

The benefits of having a good business website include but are not limited to cheaper advert, round the clock marketing of the company’s product and services, increased customers and sales.

A good website design company knows exactly how to make a website that will have the above abilities and more.

While many business website designers have the ability to produce eye-catching websites, only a few understand that functionality is the most important thing.

At eBrand promotions, we are a website design company with a team comprising of Business website designer, website developers and SEO writers who all know the right tools to use and this goes a long way in opening relationships to more customers and at the same time increase your visibility on the internet.

Regardless of the numerous website features that exist today, A Nigerian businessman that intends to benefit from the numerous opportunities associated with having a business website should have five of the following:

1. Search Engine Optimization: What is the purpose of a well-crafted website with all the latest updates if it won’t be ranked? To edge out of the growing competition on the internet, your website content should be Search Engine Optimized and this can be actualized by a competent Website Design Company.

2. Have an attractive homepage: In order to avoid bounce rate on your website, you need a Business website designer who knows how to make an appealing home page that will compel people to visit more pages of your website.

3. Make your website mobile friendly: The majority of internet users in Nigeria use their mobile phones to access the internet. As such it’s a smart move to employ a business website designer that will take that into consideration.

4. Include the option for review: Putting into consideration, Nigerians phobia for internet business, a third party’s accreditation that you are a genuine business institute will help lure more customers and make you more trustworthy to work with.

5. Have a Call to action link: The overall purpose of having a website is to increase sales and awareness. As a result, a good Business website Designer should be aware of the strategic locations to place your contact such that it will be easy for your website visitors to contact you.

From the above, we can deduce that setting up a business website is not a haphazard activity. You need the service of a reputable website design company like eBrand promotion to make your dream business website a reality.


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