Complete Breakdown of Web Design Cost in Nigeria In 2020

Web design cost varies a great deal from one designer to the next. In fact, it is safe to say there is no universally accepted price for any web design project. However, in this article, I will attempt to give you an idea of what it will cost you to design a functional quality website. The breakdown I give here will be greatly influenced by my own 10-year experience as a web developer and interaction with several other top-notch web designers in Nigeria.

The cost of creating a website can be divided into 3 basic categories. These include Domain Name, Hosting fee, and programmer’s fee. So below is an outline of all the monies you are likely to spend on your next web design project. Also beware that since there is no fixed price, I will stick to price ranges.

Domain name

N3000 – N5000 per year. This is the price you are most likely to pay for a name that is free and available for registration. If you need a .ng domain, the price goes up a bit at between N10,000 – N15,000. However, you may want a name that is already taken by someone else. For that, you will have to place a backorder for it (that is contracting a domain broker like Godaddy or Namecheap to purchase it for you as soon as it is free). This costs about $69. But if you are buying from another individual, then the price can be a lot higher – running into thousands of dollars. Generally, if you don’t have a specific need for a particular name, just choose an alternative.

Personally, my normal strategy for getting the names I want is to go for the or .ng extension. For example, when I was setting up my news site, I wanted but of course, that wasn’t available and I couldn’t change the name of the business, so I simply opted for You too may apply this same strategy.

Web Hosting

web hosting comes in various categories. It could be

shared hosting,

Virtual Private Server (VPS),

cloud hosting

dedicated server.

The category you choose depends on the number of visitors that come to the website on a monthly basis. If you need just a business website for your company, it is okay to use shared hosting. On the other hand, if your website is going to serve a large audience, it’s safest to go for a VPS or cloud hosting. This type of hosting is recommended for blogs with a lot of visitors monthly or a church or association with a large membership

Shared hosting = $60 – $168 (N22,000 – N62,000) per year

VPS/cloud hosting ranges from = $360 – $1700 (N133k – N629k per year)

Dedicated server = $1600 – $4200 (N592k – N1.554Million) per year

Web Developer’s Fee

This is a very important factor that influences web design cost. The programmer’s fee is largely determined by the type of website you want: static, dynamic site (Content Management System) or eCommerce.

While I cannot speculate any fixed price that a web programmer will fix, the price of a basic static 5-page website ranges from N35,000 to N100,000 or much more depending on the level of experience. And it generally increases if you request for more pages and functionalities.

For a dynamic site, the fee varies so much. While some programmers will take as little as N50k, others may charge as high as N5-10million. It all depends on the type of client, quality and years of experience of the website developer.

The uniqueness and functionality of the site also play a key role. If you want a unique bespoke website design from scratch, then be prepared to pay a much higher price than the person whose website is designed using a $60 template. I generally advise my clients to opt for templates as it makes the work faster and even 10x cheaper while offering the same or even better functionality than the so-called bespoke design.

The programmer’s fee for an E-Commerce website is generally the same as it is for a CMS-driven dynamic website above. However, what influences the web design cost the most is the extra features you may request as well as the number of products you want to sell on the website.

For example, if you want to accept payment online in Nigeria using Interswitch payment gateway, the price of the gateway alone is between N150,000 to N200,000. And this will be built into the programmer’s fee most times.

So when your web developer starts quoting N500k – N2million, you have an idea of what the money will be spent on and why.

Recurrent Annual cost

It is important for you to know that having a website is not a one-time expenditure. This means that for your website to remain online you will have to be paying annual hosting and domain name renewal fee. And it varies a lot from one website to another.

In conclusion, your web design expenses revolve around the domain name, cost of hosting, and programmer’s fee which is determined by factors such as the type of website you need and the features involved.

Below is a summary of web design cost.

Website Feature Cost
Domain name
.com/.net/.org NGN5,000
.ng NGN10,000 – NGN15,000
Backorder domain ($69) NGN26,000
Web Hosting
shared hosting ($60-$168) NGN22,000 – NGN62,000
Cloud/Virtual Private Server (VPS) ($360 – $1700) NGN133,000 – NGN629,000
dedicated server ($1600 – $4200) NGN592,000 – NGN1,554,000
 WordPress/Joomla theme ($60 – $250) NGN23,000 – NGN92,000
Web Developer’s Fee
1-10 Pages NGN35,000 – NGN100,000 (depending on the level of experience)

Note: extra features like payment gateway, booking system, database integration etc. will drive up the cost even further.

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14 thoughts on “Complete Breakdown of Web Design Cost in Nigeria In 2020

  1. Incisive!
    I’m surprised you put out everything like this. Web design cost has always been shrouded in mystery and most developers I have interacted with just give a figure without bothering to give a breakdown.

    Thanks a bunch for this. It will help laymen like us to be able to ask questions intelligently when dealing with web designers.

  2. This is exactly the kind of information I need right now. I will definitely give you a call. I will be needing a website soon

  3. Beautiful piece you have here. You guys have really done justice to help me know what it will cost me to have a website.

    This is so much appreciated.

  4. Nice. Very detailed. But How much can one charge for content management? If the client wants you to get the content on the website.

    1. Thanks, Simon. Content management, however, depends on
      1. the type of content the client wants,
      2. quality and quantity (no. of words) of the content,
      3. the amount of research involved and
      4. the writer’s experience.

      There is really no specific amount. You just need to base your estimates on the above.

  5. I have set up my website using shared hosting, months before I read your piece.

    I’m using it for blog and given your detailed article, I guess I’m in for trouble. Is there any remedy?

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