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Complete Breakdown of Web Design Cost in Nigeria In 2021

How much does it cost to design a website in Nigeria? This is the most comprehensive price breakdown of all expenses associated with owning a website

Detailed Guide on Price of Website Design in Nigeria

Up-to-date breakdown of what it will cost you to own a website in 2021

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Web design cost varies a great deal from one designer to the next. In fact, it is safe to say there is no universally accepted price for any web design project.

However, in this article, I will attempt to give you an idea of what it will cost you to design a functional quality website. The breakdown I give here will be greatly influenced by my own 10-year experience as a web developer and interaction with several other top-notch web designers in Nigeria.

The cost of creating a website can be divided into 4 basic categories. These include;

  • Domain Name,
  • Hosting fee,
  • SSL Certificate and
  • programmer’s fee.

Note: SSL certificate is now a must for all browsers and search engines. So if your site doesn’t have it, it will be flagged as insecured. That alone is a big dent on your reputation. So, therefore, it’s now a must-have feature.

So below is an outline of all the monies you are likely to spend on your next web design project. Also beware that since there is no fixed price, I will stick to price ranges.

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      Domain name
      N3000 – N5000 per year
      domain name
      The average price of domain names in Nigeria

      Domain name registration

      N8000 – N10000 per year. Owing to the increase in the exchange rate, this is the price you are most likely to pay for a name that is free and available for registration. If you need a .ng domain, the price goes up a bit at between N15,000 – N18,000. However, you may want a name that is already taken by someone else. For that, you will have to place a backorder for it (that is contracting a domain broker like Godaddy or Namecheap to purchase it for you as soon as it is free). This costs about $69. But if you are buying from another individual, then the price can be a lot higher – running into thousands of dollars. Generally, if you don’t have a specific need for a particular name, just choose an alternative.

      Personally, my normal strategy for getting the names I want is to go for the or .ng extension. For example, when I was launching a new startup back in 2015, I wanted but of course, that wasn’t available and I couldn’t change the name of the business, so I simply opted for You too may apply this same strategy.

      The average cost of web hosting

      Web hosting fees

      web hosting comes in various categories. It could be;

      • Shared hosting,
      • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
      • Cloud hosting
      • Dedicated server

      The category you choose depends on the number of visitors that come to the website on a monthly basis. If you need just a business website for your company, it is okay to use shared hosting. On the other hand, if your website is going to serve a large audience, it’s safest to go for a VPS or cloud hosting. This type of hosting is recommended for blogs with a lot of visitors monthly or a church or association with a large membership

      Shared hosting = $60 – $168 (N35,000 – N97,500) per year

      VPS/cloud hosting ranges from = $360 – $1700 (N209k – N986k per year)

      Dedicated server = $1600 – $4200 (N928k – N2.4Million) per year

      Web Hosting
      Web Developer’s Fee
      developer fees
      How much should you pay your web designer?

      Web Developer fees

      This is a very important factor that influences web design cost. The programmer’s fee is largely determined by the type of website you want: static, dynamic site (Content Management System), or eCommerce.

      While I cannot speculate any fixed price that a web programmer will fix, the price of a basic static 5-page website ranges from N50,000 to N150,000 or much more depending on the level of experience. And it generally increases if you request more pages and functionalities.

      For a dynamic site, the fee varies so much. While some programmers will take as little as N50k, others may charge as high as N5-10million. It all depends on the type of client, quality, and years of experience of the website developer.

      The uniqueness and functionality of the site also play a key role. If you want a unique bespoke website design from scratch, then be prepared to pay a much higher price than the person whose website is designed using a $60 template. I generally advise my clients to opt for templates (if you just need a basic corporate website) as it makes the work faster and even 10x cheaper while offering the same or even better functionality than the so-called bespoke design.

      The programmer’s fee for an E-Commerce website is usually not the same as it is for a CMS-driven dynamic website above. It may be a bit higher. Also the extra features as well as the number of products you want to sell on the website also play a key role in deciding the final price you will pay.

      For example, if you want to accept payment online in Nigeria using Interswitch payment gateway, the price of the gateway alone is between N150,000 to N200,000. And this will be built into the programmer’s fee most times.

      So when your web developer starts quoting N500k – N2million, you have an idea of what the money will be spent on and why.

      Recurrent Annual cost

      It is important for you to know that having a website is not a one-time expenditure. This means that for your website to remain online you will have to be paying annual hosting and domain name renewal fee. And it varies a lot from one website to another.

      In conclusion, your web design expenses revolve around the domain name, cost of hosting, SSL Certificate, and programmer’s fee which is determined by factors such as the type of website you need and the features involved.

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      • eBrand redesigned our website and followed up with digital marketing services. We now rank no.1 in google for all relevant keywords related to our business. I’d recommend Smart and his team any time any day.

        Fehim Ozkanca
        Fehim Ozkanca
        General Manager, Karmod Nigeria
      • eBrand has been a contractor for The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for two years and has always delivered on digital service projects assigned to them in an organized, responsible, and timely manner. I believe that their skills and experience make them an excellent web development agency. I trust them and believe we will still do a lot more with them in future.

        UNOPS Nigeria
        Joshua Kojo Oyewale
        ICT and Logistics Analyst, UNOPS
      • To all of us here in Afro Foods and Spices, e-Brand is exceptional. We cannot ask for more.

        Kabir Bawa
        Kabir M. Bawa
        MD/CEO, Afro Foods and Spices Ltd
      • The online advert promising to improve school websites to enhance chances of enrollment seemed too good to be true but because of my belief in people, I decided to give it a shot.
        I parted with my money half-heartedly and waited. Within one week as promised a newly rebranded website was delivered to us. Amazing. We have indeed been receiving scheduled tours from the website.
        Dr Okpi is a professional who responds swiftly.

        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Directress, Pinefield Academy, Lekki
      • E-brand has proved to be a valued partner in achieving our operational objectives. We always strive for excellence and to be able to rely on a service provider to deliver on Time, on scope while meeting professional standards is what I call value for money. We hope to leverage on e-brand services to project the right image to our customers for greater market gains in the future.

        Umar Khalifa Yakubu
        Founder, Cyberlogik Foundation
      • e-Brand Promotion designed our first website in 2013 and over the years they have handled several other web development and web management jobs for our company, our NGO (A and Shine Foundation) and Nigeria Apiculture Platform (NAP). They are very quick to respond to issues and provide excellent IT support after the website is completed.

        Adeshina Ademola
        Ademola Adeshina
        Chairman, A and Shine International Ltd
      • E-Brand Promotions is an incredible brand with innovative insights. They created our official
        website for the 2 nd Session of the Covenant International Model United Nations. Within a
        short notice, they completed their deliverables exceptionally well. We are amazed by their
        simplicity and optimization of our website. They communicated extensively with us even at
        odd hours and periods. E-Brand is our recommendation to any company institution or brand
        that seeks to have an efficient and effective software, application and website. They are tested
        and trusted. We look forward to working with them continuously.

        Andikara Etubon Honour
        President, Covenant International Model United Nations (CIMUN)

      Summary of web design cost

      Website Feature Cost
      Domain name  
      .com/.net/.org NGN8,000
      .ng NGN10,000 – NGN15,000
      Backorder domain ($69) NGN40,000
      Web Hosting  
      shared hosting ($60-$168) NGN35,000 – NGN97,500
      Cloud/Virtual Private Server (VPS) ($360 – $1700) NGN209,000 – NGN986,000
      dedicated server ($1600 – $4200) NGN928,000 – NGN2,436,000
      SSL Certificate  
      SSL Certificate ($30 – $1000) NGN17,500 – NGN580,000
       WordPress/Joomla theme ($60 – $250) NGN35,000 – NGN145,000
      Web Developer’s Fee  
      1-5 Pages NGN50,000 – NGN150,000 (depending on the level of experience)

      Note: extra features like Google Analytics, Live chat, payment gateway, booking system, database integration, SEO, CRM integration etc. will drive up the cost even further.

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