Type of website package Suitable for small and medium scale businesses

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are basically two types of website packages available that a web designer can offer to a business owner or organization.

These are dynamic website package and Static website package. Every other type of website e.g. Content management websites, e-commerce websites, HTML/Flash websites etc. fall under one of these two website packages.

Dynamic Website Package:

This website package is ideal for small and medium scale businesses because it is easy to control without any programming knowledge.

Thus it gives you absolute control over your website and the maintenance of the content therein. This is even more so because businesses are dynamic and ever-changing, week after week.

Thus it is important that you as a business owner should be able to edit and control your own website as you wish.

Do not forget, your webmaster may be sick, out of the country or simply too busy for you when you need a major change to be effected on your website.

This, therefore, makes dynamic website package a far better offer to select.

Static Website Package:

Static websites have their own uses especially if you require just a simple website. Also if your business does not require any serious update frequently.

This is, however, ideal for individuals who just want to have a presence online and some businesses also who may want an online presence but are cash-strapped at the moment. This is because HTML based static websites are always cheaper to design.

Finally, before you decide to go for dynamic website package for your business, you have to be sure you can manage and update it regularly.

Alternatively, that you are willing to hire or outsource the website maintenance to a professional web and social media management company. Else, having a dynamic website will confer no reasonably viable advantage over a static website despite being costlier.


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