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5 Most Important eCommerce Website Rules All Web Developers Must Obey

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An ecommerce (electronic commerce) website is just like every other standard website but it has the additional ability to facilitate sales and purchases of goods and services over an electronic medium (the internet). This can be an online retail store, auction sites, business-to-business site, business-to-customer sites or a media sales site. According to Fortune magazine, ecommerce websites are growing by a fast rate of at least 20% per year and the sales can be as high $3.45 billion on a single day.

Considering the above statement, Have u been maximizing sales through your ecommerce website? Is your ecommerce website among the most visited? If your answer to the preceding questions is “No”, you need the services of a good custom website design company. For an ecommerce website to be visible and make sales, you need to take cognizance of some vital rules. More importantly, these rules need to be executed by an experienced custom website design company who vividly understands the underlying technicalities required to maximize the benefit of having an ecommerce website.

The following are five of the most important ecommerce website features and rules

  1. Keep the Cart Simple: the shopping cart is the most important element in an ecommerce website. It can persuade or dissuade a potential customer from making purchases. It is very important to have a user-friendly cart or customers will leave without making any purchase. Having an experienced ecommerce web designer helps in making this a reality.
  2. Give multiple payment options: Ecommerce website users are more willing to make the business transaction with you if you have multiple payment options. For instance, users should be able to make card-less transactions, pay with a credit card, debit card or any other available means. Similarly, there is should be an option for pay-on-delivery for users. Multiple options like this will definitely boost sales as users have a wide range of payment options to choose from.
  3. Instill Trust: Online business is usually accompanied with scepticism and people want to be assured that their data are safe, they get what exactly what you offer and more importantly, their data are not used for any illegal activity. To gain users trust, you need to have:
    1. A Secure Connection: The first step towards having a secured connection is by having an HTTPS secured website. Having SSL security guarantees end-to-end encryption between the web server and the web browser.
    2. Having Trust Indicators: You can earn trust seals by having your website go through security scans of companies like McAfee and Norton. More importantly, you should place those trust indicators where users can see them.
    3. Product Reviews and Testimonials: Users are more likely to patronize you when you have good customer review. The key to having a good customer review is mainly by honestly representing the product and services you are selling and maintaining a good communication. This way, more customers will be willing to do business with you.
  4. Display the Cart Details: Apart from the image of the product, your cart system should display other necessary information like coupon, tax, shipping fee or any other fee that is applicable. This will give the users the exact amount they are paying for.
  5. Display and Keep the Process Linear: ecommerce website users are increasing on a daily basis as a result of the convenience it brings to users. Users want to have a hassle free experience while shopping. Having a Linear checkout on your website helps ensure that you have minimum checkout abandonment rate and more sales.

If you are interested in having an ecommerce website that will boost sales, you need the service of a custom website design company like ebrand promotion. Their services extend beyond the aforementioned. Try them out and you will be glad.


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