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Cheap Website Design in Nigeria: What You Pay is What You Get… Deal with it!

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It is no news that the Nigerian web design industry, is currently flooded with all manner of “experts” who would claim and promise heaven and earth. And of course, charge all manner of prices from the outright ridiculous to the insanely outrageous. But one underlying factor is that you ultimately get the quality of website design that you pay for. If you pay for a cheap website design in Nigeria, there is a high chance you will need a website redesign in the nearest future.

How do you mean? You may be asking right now. The answer is simple.

Some folks who claim to be web designers in Nigeria are simply hungry fellows who just learned the rudiments of how to design HTML sites in a one-weekend seminar. They probably just got the basics and are eager to make money. So they don’t really know the value of the service they are offering, which in any case is usually substandard. As such you see them offering cheap website design services – charging such ridiculously low fee as N15,000.00.

My friend, you have to watch out for such cheap website designers. They never deliver! No self-respecting web designer or web design company in Nigeria will charge such.

On the other extreme, however, are the so-called “big boys” web developers who over-estimate the value of the web design service and charge as high as 2 million Naira and above. The truth, in as much as I hate to admit it because I have never charged 7-figure (see bad belle in action!), is that you will get a quality website designed for you. Period!

Therefore, as a business owner in need of a website, you have to know how and where to strike the balance and ensure you get the best quality design for your website at the most reasonable fee. In other to do this, here is a guide:

— Ask for the type of website you would get. Will it be dynamic CMS website or static HTML website? In a layman’s language, this simply means  that in the former, you would be able to control and edit the website and add unlimited number of pages at will (which of course is very important) whereas, in the later, you wouldn’t be able to do so; WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).
— If you need a website for your business and a web designer in Nigeria starts telling you the website will be 3 pages, 5 pages etc., RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! This is 2018 for Heaven’s sake. Nobody does limited-page website anymore. Except of course you specifically request for a static website. You can never rule out customer-preference issues.
— If the designer charges anything less than NGN50,000.00 (except on special arrangement), you had better start running, else I can bet a million naira (i.e. as if I have it though for betting. lol) that you will start looking for a redesign before long. I’m sure those of you who like it cheap web design will be cursing and spitting fire at this. But don’t forget, in web design in Nigeria, you simply get what you pay for.
— If the website designer does not have an office where you can locate him. You don’t want someone running away with you 50% initial deposit. Well, you have to follow this advice with caution. There are many a good web designers out there with great skills and imagination who are just starting out. I know a few years ago, I was down, down, down the food chain. But you have to ask for previous jobs to confirm.

Finally, if you need a website, the most important factor in your mind should not be about pricing. It may surprise you to know that at E-Brand Promotion, up to 60% of our new web design projects are for the redesign of existing websites. Your major concern should be whether the individual or company will be able to deliver on what you requested for.

Therefore, you should know exactly what you want from a website before you pick up the phone to call a web designer in Nigeria.


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