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How to Submit your Business Website/ Business to Google Business Directory (Google Map)

Key Highlights

When Internet users search for keywords/terms using Google search engine, relevant results will be presented, all tailored to the search term used. For instance, you have a carwash business around Katampe, Abuja; whenever someone searches for ‘car wash katampe’ you will like Google to bring your car wash in the result. The search result will include a Google Maps location system which will give a rough approximate of your distance from the searcher’s location and the shortest route to follow. All aforementioned are made possible by Google Business Directory.

Google Business Directory is also known as “Google My Business”. Google My Business affords you everything needed for a potential customer to locate you, buy your products and/or services. Once you register your local business listing via the Google My Business dashboard, you can respond to clients’ reviews and add images to help your business succeed.

With Google Business Directory you can:

  • Update your business details so that people can locate you.
  • Update your business information like your official hours, contact numbers and the likes.
  • Upload several snapshots of your office structure, images of your products and services which gives your business an added advantage over other businesses.
  • Engage in two-way conversation with prospective customers.

To add your business on Google Business Directory, you need a working Google account. There exist five significant steps you need to take. These steps will be listed and explained below:

  1. Go to Google My Business and click on “Get on Google”


2.   Insert your business name and address in the provided search box


3.  Select your business listing if it comes up among the suggested matches. If otherwise, select “Add your Business”, and provide the necessary information.


You are to determine how you want your business Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) to appear across the Web. You should note that what you used will be your default format across the Web. The more accurate the information you give Google about your business, the better it will be able to correctly classify and display your business listing.

Beneath the form, you will be requested to choose a Category that describes your business. This selection is very important as it is the way Google will classify your business.

4.    The next step is verification of business. Google will have to verify that your business is located where you claimed it is. This always takes like 1-2 weeks for Google to send to you a postcard with verification PIN









However, you may be given an option to get your pin via SMS or automated phone call. You should accept it as it saves time. If you are required to wait for a postcard, you should be expectant to get the mail in order for the mail not to get in wrong hand. It was recorded that some companies go through verification process for like three to four times due to lackadaisical attitude of the company to pick up the Google postcard before its validity ends.


5.   The final stage is to confirm your business page.

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