In the 21st century, there’s a thing common to all businesses… “a website”.

This both simpler and trickier than ever in the modern world.

Since social media is free and simple to use, some businesses rely on it for this. However, using social media by itself is insufficient to expand your audience and engage with your customers.

Even if your business or company is new, investing in a website is always worthwhile.

A good website gives your business a lasting online presence, access to audiences throughout the world, credibility, and easy scaling.

Are you in need of a website that can help you fulfill your business goals?

Professional websites are now accessible to both non-designers and non-techies thanks to the development of site builders .

Here at eBrand, we have a ton of experiences in this area of website design and development and are aware of both the good and the bad. To create your business website, using WordPress is the ideal place to start, in our experience.

To find out how to achieve it, keep reading.

Technically, you can create a website in less than 48 hours without spending any money.

Yes! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality website up and running.

You may receive quick and dependable web hosting as well as a free name for just almost nothing. I mean nothing.

After registration, you can upgrade your website URL to a top level domain e.g.

You may purchase dependable web hosting for between N20,000 and N30000 with an official webmail account.

Highly-Cost effective … Isn’t it?

Starting at just N20, 000, our entry-level plans provide you a domain name and web hosting just enough for your professional site.

The goodness is this: It operates a ‘DIY system’…Simply DO-IT –YOURSELF!

Built in such a way you can easily navigate your way around, this system is fast, easily accessible and easy to understand as well as super mobile friendly.

Additionally, our experts are available 24/ 7 to offer you assistance wherever you may be.

There are available upgrades to different versions, engaging several amazing features.

Don’t wait another day. Start Now!