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Not having a website means you are missing out on potential customers.

The excuse of websites being too complicated or too expensive to create is no longer valid.

Thousands of small and medium business owners in Nigeria now have websites.

Having a website is a great way of promoting small business and reaching more customers.

Choosing an affordable web development company can be overlooked as not a difficult task, however, if proper planning is not executed, one may fall in the wrong hand and eventually, every effort channelled to it may come to vain.

Nowadays, the website of a company is the contact between clients and business owners.

As a result, it is very important to have a modern, User friendly and well-designed website.

This task is not that simple as it was said; getting a professional web designer is the first, checking out if their services is affordable is the second.

Majority of techy companies who already made name in Nigeria offer expensive services, as a result, it severs small business owners away as their perception is always not financially qualified for their services.

eBrand Promotion is one of web development companies that provides innovative web design for businesses and organizations in Nigeria. Their mission of web design team is to strive to make use of latest technologies to provide clients with the best websites that are not only visually appealing but also affordable.

Money is not always a guarantee for quality web design service, it is important for a prospective website owner to find a good ratio between quality and pricing, it is necessary to compare different service providers and their company history.

Get familiar with different web companies, check their portfolios, look through their previous works and as well as the list of clients.

As a small business owner, it seems unaffordable if one contract web maintenance to web contractors after which they are done creating the website.

That is why it important to engage a web developer that uses a CMS, for instance WordPress. A CMS is software that enables web owners to manage their web on their own without being a professional web developer.

As a small business owner whom the rationale for creating a website is just for advertisement and dissemination of information to in-house and prospective customers, you do not need an expensive website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media have the biggest influence on your outcome.

Who needs an extravagant website, when nobody is viewing it? Y

our web designer should be very familiar with strategies to draw people’s attention to your business.

For this reason, it is advisable to engage a team with experts on various fields.

For Instance, at Ebrand Promotion, their website development team consists of experts in every discipline, and their process combines clients business’ needs, research, experience, and teamwork to provide amazing sites that brings business.

Finally, As a small business owner, it is important to read the contract carefully.

You should be wary of hidden fees, In order to avoid misunderstanding between you and web developer; it is advisable to look for gaps in the contract to define correctly how you will handle it.

The more precise your contract is, the better and more likely is that your project is successful and completed right on time.

Most companies in Nigeria outsourse to other companies/frelancers, or worse overseas. This leads to delays, poor quality control, poor customer searvice, and no accountability.

That Is why it is necessary a prospective web owner should contact Ebrand Promotion as their team is 100% in-house, and on-staff. Their office is located at Suit B57, EFAB Mall, Area 11, Garki District, FCT Abuja, Nigeria (+2348105882416).


Have a question about your web design project? Call E-Brand Promotion and our web development team will help you every step of the way from conceptualizing the idea to design and full implementation.

CALL NOW! +2348105882416, or email sales@ebrandpromotion.com

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