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Become a highly skilled web developer with our comprehensive web design training. Our team of expert developers takes you through core modules on programming and design that sets you up as a sought-after professional.

Learn the intricacies of the user interface (UI) and user experience(UX) design, back-end and front-end development, as well as WordPress website design – everything you need to be a successful developer in one place.

Here’s a sneak peek into what our curriculum covers:

  • Visual and Site Architecture
  • Back-End Development

  • Front-End Development

  • CMS-Based Web Design

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Website Design in Nigeria

Our costing isn’t generic, as every client has their respective desires and business needs. So, we’d like to get some ideas about your project, so we can share an appropriate proposal or quote.







    A little description of the what you want out of the training


    Request Proposal/Quotation

    We will get in touch with you ASAP







      A little description of the what you want out of the training


      Our web design training is 100% practical based. Whether you want to learn how to code or to design using a content management system, our experienced trainers will gently guide you until you become proficient. Get in touch with our team to get the full curriculum, prices, and available classes.

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        Fehim Ozkanca
        Fehim Ozkanca
        General Manager, Karmod Nigeria
      • eBrand has been a contractor for The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for two years and has always delivered on digital service projects assigned to them in an organized, responsible, and timely manner. I believe that their skills and experience make them an excellent web development agency. I trust them and believe we will still do a lot more with them in future.

        UNOPS Nigeria
        Joshua Kojo Oyewale
        ICT and Logistics Analyst, UNOPS
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        Kabir Bawa
        Kabir M. Bawa
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        Dr Okpi is a professional who responds swiftly.

        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Directress, Pinefield Academy, Lekki
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        Ademola Adeshina
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        Andikara Etubon Honour
        President, Covenant International Model United Nations (CIMUN)
      Here are the various kinds of stuff you will learn when you sign up

      Web Design Class Modules

      Visual and Site Architecture

      Our web design training starts with you understanding what makes a quality User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). We introduce you to the design process, with a focus on conducting design research, developing wireframes and mockups, and creating dazzling website user interfaces. .

      Learn about the fundamentals of color theory, typography, and layout in web design. That’s while introducing you to the tools you’ll find helpful, and tasking you with skill-building hands-on assessments.

      Topics within our visual and site architecture module include:

      • Understanding the project brief

      Designing a website isn’t all about the technicalities. It’s essential to understand the clients’ needs in detail before getting started. How do you ensure that? What checklist should you have in place before you create the wireframe? We teach this with real-life scenarios.

      • Website Planning

      Now that you understand the project, what, in specific steps, do you need to do for a seamless implementation? That’s one of the key learning outcomes here

      • Creating wireframes

      It’s not acceptable to start a website without first approving the wireframe with the client. Consider that as a sketch of the website. We teach how to use Adobe Photoshop and a couple of other online tools to create a website wireframe.

      • Creating a great design

      Both for UX and UI, there are core components that make an amazing design, and which you’ve got to know by heart. Our job on this topic only ends if you can conceptualize a brand, and recommend a world class design to deploy.

      Back-End Development

      Back-end development is the powerhouse of every website on the Internet. It’s where robust manipulations are made, to give a desired appearance or functionality. Think of this as the behind-the-scenes activities that happen when performing any action on a website.

      Whether you just log in to your account, or buy an item from an eCommerce website, the whole interaction is coordinated from the back-end. Here’s where you’re introduced to how this works.

      The module focuses on databases, scripting, and how you communicate with browsers with codes. It covers the core web development languages, from PHP, Laravel Frameworks, and Java, to Python, and Ruby.

      • Database Management

      Our web design training introduces you to technologies deployed for database management and content cache at all levels. You’d learn the place of MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, and Redis for this.

      • Using Server

      Websites can only be as efficient as the server it’s developed on. Our students go through rigorous training sessions on handling Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, Microsoft IIS, Linux, and Amazon Web Services.

      • APIs, Algorithms

      Join the league of a-list developers who leverage APIs to infuse cutting-edge functionalities on a website.  Not only do we introduce you to the popular ones, we also ensure you understand how it works, with the capability to deploy it as needed.

      And how do you have algorithms to coordinate content flow and interactions on the website? We’ve got dedicated classes for that.

      Additional Web Design Modules

      Front-End Development

      Learn the intricacies and application of HTML5 and CSS3, in creating bespoke page designs. It takes you from scratch to everything you should know about programming JavaScript for visual designs.

      Get the skills to build engaging, interactive user experiences on the web with our award-winning website design training. Here’s a view of what your front-end development track covers.

      • HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript

      These are the very codes with which we develop our clients’ projects. We talk you through the basics and advanced areas, enough for you to hit the ground running upon the completion of your training.

      Through a detailed analysis, real-life examples, and technical exercises, we offer world-class learning processes that give you an edge above others. We also introduce you to JQuery and its vital role in visual designs.

      • Page Layout

      Learn how to create page layouts that not only look exquisite and visually appealing, but also well-structured for a quality user experience. From home page to every other page on a site, we help you understand the global standards, and how to apply them.

      We place a premium on your understanding of how to structure basic components of a website for an efficient layout. Think of the navigations, menus, footer section, slider appearance, and other items that need to be strategically put in place.

      • Creating a Responsive Web Design

      The world of web is shifting to mobile, with the majority of website visitors coming from mobile devices. It’s only appropriate and standard that websites you create are well optimized for various screen sizes.

      That means it should render efficiently and uniformly on desktop, smartphones or tablets. And how do you ensure that? That’s a central part of our front-end development module.

      • WebForms, Site Efficiency and Integrations

      Forms are the lifeline of lead generation and customer acquisition on the internet. It’s a natural component of every website, which needs to look its best, so it can drive attention, and ultimately, conversion. We teach you how to do just that.

      And when it comes to efficiency factors like load speed and seamless functionalities, we help you understand what exactly needs to be done to have a high-performing website.

      There are also tons of web tools that allow you to add top-level functionalities to a website when integrated. You get to learn that from our team of developers who use them day-in, day-out.

      CMS-Based Web Design

      Develop functional websites powered by some of the world’s most popular content management systems, including  WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

      CMSs offer amazing ways to create beautiful websites with speed, and without writing a single line of code. It’s all drag-and-drop. But at the same time, it needs top-notch strategy and planning, to end up with an amazing design.

      • Understanding Web Server

      If a website is the home, then a server is the land on which it was built. The WordPress track explains in detail how to select a server, or hosting service, and activate it. This also includes how to install WordPress on your server or hosting service.

      • Admin Dashboard

      CMS like WordPress has an admin area where you can fully control the website – from appearance design to integrations and content management. You’ll learn how that works.

      • Themes, Plugins

      CMS is known for its customization and extendable functionalities. With themes, you can have editable templates that can easily be installed on a website. And plugins are handy to help you add most things that can possibly come to mind.

      We show you where to find these, how to install them, as well as how to manipulate them for your chosen specifications.

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