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Are you disappointed and frustrated with low or no sales at all from your website?

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Have you built a stunning website? Congratulations!

It looks great, everyone says so, and yet it feels like a hollow victory?

You have exerted considerable effort, time, and money building your website, only to find converting visitors into paying customers impossible. The ROI is just NOT acceptable.

If disappointment and frustration are competing feelings and you are almost regretting investing so much money into designing a website, please know you are not alone and that we can help.

The answer is a 3-step conversion rate optimization process.

  1. The first step is to redesign and optimize your website
  2. Then identify key hotspots (i.e. the exact spots users click the most on your web pages) and build a landing page
  3. Insert a call to action button in those identified hotspots.

Once this is done, your conversion rate will soar through the roof. We have tried it on our own website. It worked and still works. We have tried the process in our clients’ websites and they achieved spectacular results.

More often than not, low or no sales at all on a  website is a result of poor conversion rate optimization. The typical response we find is to throw money at the problem with PPC advertising or some other means of attracting traffic. Although these are both effective strategies you will end up only breaking even on the advertising spend or worse, – if you don’t address the real problem.

If you would like to optimize your website to start converting your visitors to real customers, Call E-Brand Promotion (08105882416 or email sales@ebrandpromotion.com) and our team will help you implement the 3-step conversion rate optimization process above.

Stop throwing good money after bad, Let’s help you fix the fundamental problem.

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