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Our team of in-house cybersecurity professionals walks your team through how to be offensive and defensive with keeping your online space protected

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Acquire the necessary ethical hacking skills required to secure and prevent cyber attacks

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The cybersecurity training team at e-Brand can help you, or your organisation, develop the right skills to counter cyber threats.

Just as technology is growing, the likelihood of your cyberspace being intruded is also at a record high.

About 30,000 websites are hacked every day.

Our cybersecurity training covers the key techniques to keep whether it’s government or private corporation safe from cyber-attacks.

Our team of in-house cybersecurity professionals walks your team through how to be offensive and defensive with keeping your online space protected. Our classes involve real-world examples, experiential exercises, and painstaking expert instruction.

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    A little description of the what you want out of the training


    Request Proposal/Quotation

    We will get in touch with you ASAP







      A little description of the what you want out of the training


      We handle group onsite corporate cybersecurity training for private and public institutions as well as in-class training on cybersecurity and ethical hacking for individuals in Nigeria. So whatever your needs, we will ensure you (or your team) get the best to kickstart a lucrative career in cyberspace security.

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      Here’s the core learning areas we cover:

      Cybersecurity Fundamentals

      This is where you learn a general understanding of how to design a secure system. It focuses on current threat trends across the Internet, their impact on your organisation’s cyberspace, and how to keep your space secured. You will have hands-on sessions working with live viruses, including botnets, worms, and Trojans, and troubleshooting them.

      The cybersecurity fundamentals not only Increase your awareness of web security architecture but provides you with the practical capabilities to prevent systems attacks. Here’s also where you understand the role of certificates in building trusted relationships between devices in a network.

      You will examine social engineering threats, methods, and techniques while looking into software vulnerabilities and security solutions for reducing the risk of exploitation. The comprehensive class will extend to identifying investigative techniques when it comes to cybersecurity, as well as the legal position on cyber attacks.

      • Implementing Core Cisco ASA Security v1.0

      The Cisco ASA 5500-X Next-Generation Firewall is one of the front liners when it comes to global cybersecurity systems. We take you through, step by step, how to work with the Cisco ASA.

      The course curriculum was built to cover the intricacies of how the tool works, and how it’s deployed. You’ll use Cisco-provided tools to work through configuring access control to and from your network, with as much firewall strength as needed to keep you safe.

      Using the latest operating systems, and Server, your learning module will include attacking your own network, so you can learn to create highly resistant networks.

      From the basics of Cisco ASA to network integration, ASA policy control, and its VPN components, the course extends to the very depth you need to get to a super-secure network.

      Deploying Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500T01)

      Microsoft, through the Azure technologies, offer companies security protocols to rely on for a safe Internet use, from small organizations to multinationals, and even data centers.

      Through this dedicated course, you will acquire the skills needed to implement Azure security controls, and maintain the security posture. It will also enable you to identify and block vulnerabilities to attacks.

      The course introduces you to data classifications on Azure, the data protection mechanisms available, as well as the methods of deploying data encryption.

      Have you heard about Internet protocols? The Microsoft Azure course will cover that comprehensively, including how to implement them. That’s in addition to other security features you would be aware of at the end of the course.

      Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine v3.0

      Learn how to deploy Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) v3.0 for security compliance when using wired or wireless endpoints, and to improve overall infrastructure security

      In this course, particularly, you will be introduced to Cisco ISE, an identity and access control tool where organizations can manage access controls and privacy setups from a single point.

      The study-track explores authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) using 802.1x, MAB, web authentication, posture, profiling, device onboarding, guest services, and VPN access into a single context-aware identity-based platform.

      The course will provide you with the skills needed to configure fundamental elements of ISE, secure identity-based networks at any scale, integrate the Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller (vWLC) with advanced ISE features, and deploying other ISE features such as EasyConnect, BYOD, TACACS+ Device Management and TrustSec Security Group Access.

      Clients we've Worked For

      Certification Preparatory Class

      e-Brand also offers specialised training programmes to prepare candidates for top-level cybersecurity certifications.
      • CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker v10

      If you’re looking to take the Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam, e-Brand has a specialized cybersecurity class to prepare you for success.

      The course is designed to enable you to understand ethical hacking methodologies that can be used in penetration testing to assess the security of a system while gaining hands-on knowledge of ethical hacking skills and preparing you for the internationally-recognized Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam (312-50) from EC-Council.

      Learning with e-Brand, you will have access to 100+ labs where you are required to defend systems from simulated attacks, using some of the world’s sophisticated hacking tools.

      Think of network scanning, social engineering, DoS/DDoS attacks, session hijacking, SQL injection attacks, and cloud computing threats, the learning track covers popular cyber attacks on all fronts.

      • CISSP Certification Preparatory Course

      This course not only leaves you with industry-leading knowledge of implementing and managing CISSP-based security programmes, you also have the specific understanding it needs to scale the CISSP certification.

      Our specialised certification courses also cover CompTIA Security+ Certification, and many other internationally recognised certifications

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