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How to Create an Official Business Email Address With Your Company Domain name

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The importance of having an official business email address cannot be overemphasized. It comes with lots of benefits which are all vital to the growth of your business. It adds a professional touch to every email you send as it carries your business brand with it. It also allows you to create specific emails which can be used to serve different purposes.

Some of the benefits associated with having a business email are:

  • Free promotion of your company: For every interaction, you have with your customers via the email, your brand name is reflected.
  • Professional Touch: Responding to any mail through your business email adds legitimacy to your business. For instance, People will be more willing to discuss a business proposal with an email that read sales@ebrandpromotions.com over an email with this link danielengwatu@gmail.com
  • It’s safer to use: Apart from the regular security associated with emails, business emails come with additional security options all in a bid to guarantee to guarantee the safety of your account content.

Having gone through some of the benefits as contained above, it is clear that having a business email comes with lots of goodies and you definitely need one for your business. Most website developers include this service while billing you for website creation while some will bill you separately. While setting up a business email is a relatively easy task, it is advisable for you to acquire the service of a professional website developer to avoid going back and forth.

Please note that the process of creating a business email is slightly different depending on the host server you subscribed to. In this write-up, we will be using bluehost service provider.

  1. Having a domain name: The very first step to creating an official business email address is by having a domain name. It is easier to set up a business email once you have a domain name. If you don’t have one, then your first procedure should be to acquire a website with a domain name.
  2. Access your Dashboard: After logging into your host server account, navigate to the cpanel link under the hosting link as seen on the homepage.



3.  Start creating the email: After successfully opening the email link, you can start opening the business email by inputting the desired email address and password. If you are on a basic plan, the maximum business email you can create is 5 while for the “plus” plan you are entitled to unlimited business email accounts. It is advisable for you to create emails that are reflective of the different portfolios with which your company can be reached. For instance, instead of having you and your employees name on all email, you can also create email for departments like sales (sales@ebrandpromotions.com), support (support@ebrandpromotions.com) and enquiries (enquiries@ebrandpromotions.com.



4.   How to use your new email: The process is as easy as checking a regular email. You can use the link yourdomain.com/webmail to access your new mail.

The above illustration was done using Bluehost as the host service provider. The steps involved in opening a business email differ according to your host provider.

For assistance with opening a business email account, you can contact ebrand promotions, a firm with the determination to bring you not only quality website development but also recurrent maintenance geared towards optimization of your website.

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