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5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Loading

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Undoubtedly, having a website comes with lots of benefit. However, maximizing these benefits equally comes with lots of tasks which you can decide to handle yourself or by acquiring the services of a professional. Your chances of worry about your website’s inability to load or having irregular performances are minimal (close to zero) when you acquire the services of the right professional website design agency since they can detect and solve as quickly as possible, emerging problems.

In the event that you chose to manage the website yourself (which is not advisable), Several factors could deter a website from loading.

Of all the reasons why your website might refuse to load, these five reasons are what you should look out for as they are the most popular and recurrent one:

  1. Server overload: One of the main reasons why your website won’t load is if your host server is overloaded. Server overload in itself is a consequence of one or multiple action.
  • A poorly written script: You are more likely to experience server overload if your web script is written by someone without adequate knowledge. There are so many technicalities involved in writing a proper script. Anyone can write one for you but you need the services of an experienced professional to get an optimized script with all the necessary plug-ins.
  • Too many users on the server: Your website might not load if you or anyone on your shared-hosting server has unusually high visitors than it can accommodate. While every website owner wishes for web traffic on their website, the reality is that every host has its limit in terms of the number of host it can take at a time. Recruitment websites in Nigeria have experienced this multiple times.
  1. Expired domain name: Every domain name is expected to be renewed at the end of a particular period (usually a year). Failure to renew your registration fee at its expiration means your website will cease to load for that period. Subsequently, the domain name might be sold off by your host after they must have sent several messages to you.
  2. Your website has been hacked: When your website is hacked, you lose all or partial (this is rare) access to it for that period. The possibility that your website will be hacked is very high if you take chances with your website security. At all times, your website should be secured with the latest digital encryption technologies and necessary firewall protection so as to reduce the chances of being hacked to the barest minimum.
  3. Disk space exceeded: the total amount of disk space you need for your website to run efficiently depends on the content (text, images, flash display or a combination of all) you intend to have on your website. Running out of disk space means your website will be difficult or impossible to access. To avoid running out of disk space, you need to purchase the right amount of disk space from your website server.
  4. Virus: Not only might your website be unable to load, you might lose all your data and have a significant reduction in web traffic as a result of virus attack.

Having a weak protection system will obviously leave a security hole on your website which can be exploited by people with ill intention. A virus can be uploaded on a webserver from your computer or downloaded to your system via the same web server especially if you are on a shared hosting service.

From the above, we could deduce that a website might not be able to load for a number of reasons (the majority has been stated up there), knowing the exact reason and the particular solution to apply will require the services of a professional website manager like ebrand promotions.


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