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Want to tell the world about your business? e-Brand is the agency to talk to!

Website Design and Development That Produces Results

Want to tell the world about your business? e-Brand is the agency to talk to!

We’re experienced and accomplished at creating creative, eye-catching, and functional website designs for any business.

Our website design and development services help replicate your shop-front on the internet. We understand the need to have a customer-friendly and sales-inspiring website – the kind that accurately showcases your products or services as the best within your industry.  Our team leaves no stone unturned to ensure that’s exactly what your company gets.

Not only do we ensure the website can effectively compete in the crowded digital space, but we also tailor it to the specific needs of your business, and the expectations of your prospective customers.

web design and development

Statistics have it that up to 80% of people research about a company online first before making a purchase, or doing anything transactional with them. This helps them rate the perceived credibility of the company, based on the available information, reviews, and other data they find.

And who can tell your story better than yourself – through your website?

This premise informs our thinking throughout the website design process. It’s always – what could a customer be looking for?

Using a checklist we’ve already built, and other essential industry-specific ones, we’re able to develop a website that speaks the customer’s voice.

For us, delivering the best is the standard and we make use of the latest front-end technologies and industry practices that make us the best web design company.

We create bespoke theme-based WordPress websites and e-commerce solutions, or custom web applications that thrive on excellent User Experience (UX), with a clear path for conversion.

What You Get

  • At e-Brand, we create websites that keep your customers glued. Our team focuses on building your website in ways that showcases compelling content and feature efficient navigation.
  • For a website to be effective, not only should it effectively communicate your brand message, but also entice your visitor to do business with you. This forms an integral part of websites we create.
  • Our website design and development team ensures your online presence is easily scalable, should you have a need to add more functionality in the future. Think of if you want to convert your information website to an e-commerce store.
  • What’s the value of a website if no one can find it? Our website development approach takes search engine optimization into consideration, from the meta data to website footer.
  • 4 in 5 people who visit a website won’t wait if it doesn’t load after three seconds. If you create your website with us, we make it light enough to load fast, even for the most impatient of website visitors.
  • Thinking of responsive websites? Our websites are optimised for effective use on all devices – from mobile phones to tablets and PCs.
  • Not only that, creating your website with us saves you worry about malware and security breaches on your online office. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a permanent feature we have activated for all our clients’ websites, to avoid any interruption to your online presence.
  • We understand that website visibility relies largely on being discoverable through search engines. That’s why we place a premium ensuring that the website as a whole, as well as the texts, images, videos files are properly optimized for search engine ranking.

What's More?

Our 10+ years of creating conversion-enabled websites speak of how well our clients trust us to develop high-performance websites for their businesses.

And you can trust our team of grounded programmers and award-winning design experts to create appealing websites that keep customers coming back.

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Our Approach to Web Design and Development

Communicate Design Brief

While we value project evaluation and its likely changes that come with it, we think it’s much better to have a uniform ground on the clients’ expectation, right before we get to work. We initiative conversations that will help us fully understand the project scope and needs – with all stakeholders and requirements duly satisfied.

Performance Audit & Evaluation

Here, the dirty work is done. We now have a website active for public use, but not yet finally deployed. This stage is meant to check the performance of the website – load speed, content review, client review, integration testing and responsiveness.

Research & Competitor Analysis

Yes, we trust our guts, and our experience with web design and development  technology. But the space is a very fast-paced one, with supposedly new technologies becoming stale very quick. So we can stay on the cutting edge end of design practices, we do thorough industry research, and competitor analysis of the clients’ industry.

Final Launch

The evaluation stage has helped us garner feedback, and note any negative on the website, which we would go ahead to fix immediately. Once we have that done, the website is made live for the general public, and our work is done.

Create Design Mockup

It’s important, in our approach to this, that the client agrees to the User Interface, before we begin the full design. We create a mockup or wireframe of the UI, and share with the client for review and approval. This helps us carry the client along in the design process, and saves us time for avoidable changes at critical stages. iteration.

With the mockup approved, we now have a leeway to start the design, using HTML, CSS, PHP, or WordPress, as the case may be.