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Demanding Web Design Client

Tips For Web Designers: How to Handle Demanding Web Design Clients

The importance of providing excellent customer service in any business whatsoever cannot be overestimated. The benefits are tremendous and also vital towards the survival of any business. As vital as providing excellent customer service is, some customers make this task very demanding. For web designers, having a demanding client is not uncommon as the technicalities

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eCommerce Website

5 Most Important eCommerce Website Rules All Web Developers Must Obey

An ecommerce (electronic commerce) website is just like every other standard website but it has the additional ability to facilitate sales and purchases of goods and services over an electronic medium (the internet). This can be an online retail store, auction sites, business-to-business site, business-to-customer sites or a media sales site. According to Fortune magazine,

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Web design Packages

Type of website package Suitable for small and medium scale businesses

There are basically two types of website packages available that a web designer can offer to a business owner or organization. These are dynamic website package and Static website package. Every other type of website e.g. Content management websites, e-commerce websites, HTML/Flash websites etc. fall under one of these two website packages. Dynamic Website Package: This website Continue reading