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Our reputation management covers the scope of mining the web for negative content about your brand, and removing every bit

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Our Online Reputation Management service at e-Brand is what your organization needs to improve what people see about your brand on the digital media, and tilt the public perception of you in a positive direction.

Brands we cover include public/private organizations, corporate bodies, high profile individuals, political figures, etc.

Our team does this by engineering appealing content and amplifying it for optimum visibility in search and social environments to improve the sentiment of your brand. That’s the key central step we take in building a formidable reputation for your business.

Our reputation management covers the scope of mining the web for negative content about your brand and removing every bit of this that can be removed. And to cushion the effect of that, even before it rises, we populate the internet with positive representations of your brand.

How Much Does Online Reputation Management Service Cost in Nigeria

Our costing isn’t generic, as every client has their respective desires and business needs. So, we’d like to get some ideas about your project, so we can share an appropriate proposal or quote.

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      We’re the go-to expert for improving your reviews and ratings online, removing or suppressing negative content, and creating content that presents your brand in a positive light.

      Hear From eBrand Clients

      • eBrand redesigned our website and followed up with digital marketing services. We now rank no.1 in google for all relevant keywords related to our business. I’d recommend Smart and his team any time any day.

        Fehim Ozkanca
        Fehim Ozkanca
        General Manager, Karmod Nigeria
      • eBrand has been a contractor for The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for two years and has always delivered on digital service projects assigned to them in an organized, responsible, and timely manner. I believe that their skills and experience make them an excellent web development agency. I trust them and believe we will still do a lot more with them in future.

        UNOPS Nigeria
        Joshua Kojo Oyewale
        ICT and Logistics Analyst, UNOPS
      • To all of us here in Afro Foods and Spices, e-Brand is exceptional. We cannot ask for more.

        Kabir Bawa
        Kabir M. Bawa
        MD/CEO, Afro Foods and Spices Ltd
      • The online advert promising to improve school websites to enhance chances of enrollment seemed too good to be true but because of my belief in people, I decided to give it a shot.
        I parted with my money half-heartedly and waited. Within one week as promised a newly rebranded website was delivered to us. Amazing. We have indeed been receiving scheduled tours from the website.
        Dr Okpi is a professional who responds swiftly.

        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Directress, Pinefield Academy, Lekki
      • E-brand has proved to be a valued partner in achieving our operational objectives. We always strive for excellence and to be able to rely on a service provider to deliver on Time, on scope while meeting professional standards is what I call value for money. We hope to leverage on e-brand services to project the right image to our customers for greater market gains in the future.

        Umar Khalifa Yakubu
        Founder, Cyberlogik Foundation
      • e-Brand Promotion designed our first website in 2013 and over the years they have handled several other web development and web management jobs for our company, our NGO (A and Shine Foundation) and Nigeria Apiculture Platform (NAP). They are very quick to respond to issues and provide excellent IT support after the website is completed.

        Adeshina Ademola
        Ademola Adeshina
        Chairman, A and Shine International Ltd
      • E-Brand Promotions is an incredible brand with innovative insights. They created our official
        website for the 2 nd Session of the Covenant International Model United Nations. Within a
        short notice, they completed their deliverables exceptionally well. We are amazed by their
        simplicity and optimization of our website. They communicated extensively with us even at
        odd hours and periods. E-Brand is our recommendation to any company institution or brand
        that seeks to have an efficient and effective software, application and website. They are tested
        and trusted. We look forward to working with them continuously.

        Andikara Etubon Honour
        President, Covenant International Model United Nations (CIMUN)
      No matter how battered your reputation may be, we can fix and put it in the best positive light

      Marketing Your Business’ Reputation

      Here, we find the perfect mix between reputation management with brand building. Over the past few years, we’ve helped scores of brands put their positive reputation in the public’s view. If you’d like to look much better, when compared to the competition, e-Brand is the agency to speak to.

      We help businesses dominate search results in their industries, placing them strategically in platforms where audiences spend their time online. From social media to forums and search engines, we keep you in public discourse, all for the positive reason.

      For brands we’ve worked with, we got their reviews and ratings skyrocketing within a short while. Our approach to this leads to high ratings naturally, with the positive information about your brand flying in every direction.

      In marketing your brand’s reputation, we also create Wikipedia pages to give even more credibility to your brand. And where necessary, such as on your website we create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), that answers random questions people generally have, to allay their fears and eliminate misconceptions about your brand.

      What Does This Cover?

      • Competitors Analysis & Market Environment Research

      Just before we launch brand-building campaigns for your organization, business or personality, we take our time studying the market situation, starting with a competitor analysis. This helps us get an idea of controversial issues, and sensitive discussions, to avoid the wrong approach to content. We get a feel of the market, while also exploring issues that have shaped public discourse in your industry in the past.

      • Content Publishing

      We use content to spin narratives and public opinion in your favor. Our team of expert content developers know just the right descriptive articles of your services or products, the engaging blog posts, and well-crafted news reports to the public, to achieve that seamlessly. It becomes our job to use content from different angles, including multimedia content, to keep your reputational curve consistently growing in the positive direction. Here’s also where we get your company’s details, and personal brand published on Wikipedia. We also get you listed on Google Business Listing, and other popular business directories.

      • Reviews and Ratings

      Just as your business is serving your customers in the right way, we want them to acknowledge it, and tell the public about it, which is a very key or important social proof. We encourage your customers to give a thumbs-up with reviews, and ratings, on your website, and in strategic places online, especially on business directories.

      • Comprehensive SEO

      Just as we want to have positive content about your brand published strategically on the web, we go the extra mile to make sure they’re all easy to discover through search engines. So, we conduct extensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audits and take deliberate steps to improve your rankings in search results. That will involve on-page SEO on your website, off-page SEO strategies, local SEO, and link building

      Clients we've Worked For

      Repairing a Damaged Reputation

      In as much as brands want to remain positive in the public’s view, it’s not always the case. e-Brand has been at the forefront of helping businesses with damaged reputation regain public trust, and if that’s a challenge you have right now, you’ve come to the right place. What’s the situation with your online reputation? Our team is ready to start the repair journey immediately.
      • Removing Negative Content Online

      In as much as we don’t control the web, we know what needs to be done to get negative comments about your brand taken down from major publications, especially if there is a misrepresentation of facts or false claims of any kind. Leveraging our networks in the media space, we take steps to pull down the negativity. And even when we can’t remove, we take necessary steps to reduce the visibility of negative content.

      • Improve Online Sentiment

      Using the right mix of reputation marketing, we take aggressive steps to improve the positive sentiment about your brand. At that point, our goal is to change what the public is saying about your brand, and we go all out to see that happen. We deploy tools like positive reporting on news media and top-level SEO implementation on positive content about the brand.

      • Positive Reviews & Ratings

      Here, we dig into your database of past clients and customers, with the goal of getting them to leave a positive comment about your brand online. That way, we get to flood the negativity with fresh waves of positive reviews, and before you know it, your brand is back alive on all fronts.

      • Managing Your Reviews

      This is arguably the least complex part of your online reputation management needs, but with as much importance as others. Not only do we monitor online reviews here, to ensure your brand sentiment stays positive, we also create seamless opportunities for your brand fans and customers to air their thoughts about you.

      From Google to Facebook reviews, and industry-specific review platforms like TabletWise and TripAdvisor, we put words out there about you, and let people freely comment as well. And for easier review listing, we can upload the bulk reviews online, or integrate APIs such as Zapier to make that even faster.

      Think of any review platform where your clients or customers may be looking for information about your products, we place you right there. And your presence there is fully managed by our team at e-Brand – from messaging management to testing, implementation, management, and monitoring of your reviews.

      We Get to the Root of Reputation Crisis

      Through our review management service, our team at e-Brand consistently digs into what people are saying about your brand. This helps you step into issues and complaints before they explode into a full-blown online PR crisis. And once we find these issues, we direct them to your support team to have it resolved with the particular client immediately.

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