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No doubt about it, mobile app development is one of the most lucrative careers to pursue at this technology-driven time. We know that learning to become an app developer could be tough. But to make that easy for you, our training at e-Brand offers an easy avenue where you can learn cutting-edge, world-class technologies that power the world’s amazing apps.

And ours is not just for theory or doing sake, we put you on the wheels, so you can have as much hands-on understanding as needed to succeed in this competitive space.

Our curriculum and modules are structured for beginners, helping you grow your skills from the ground up. You’ll end the training, not only with top-level expertise but also with a robust experience working on multiple real-life app projects – writing codes, deploying frameworks, etc.

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    A little description of the what you want out of the training


    Request Proposal/Quotation

    We will get in touch with you ASAP







      A little description of the what you want out of the training


      Ready to kickstart your career in mobile app development? E-Brand training offers you the opportunity to learn from people who build real-life mobile app projects on daily basis. From day one, we take you based on hands-on practicals. You will also have the opportunity to participate in building real apps for clients.

      Hear From eBrand Clients

      • eBrand redesigned our website and followed up with digital marketing services. We now rank no.1 in google for all relevant keywords related to our business. I’d recommend Smart and his team any time any day.

        Fehim Ozkanca
        Fehim Ozkanca
        General Manager, Karmod Nigeria
      • eBrand has been a contractor for The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for two years and has always delivered on digital service projects assigned to them in an organized, responsible, and timely manner. I believe that their skills and experience make them an excellent web development agency. I trust them and believe we will still do a lot more with them in future.

        UNOPS Nigeria
        Joshua Kojo Oyewale
        ICT and Logistics Analyst, UNOPS
      • To all of us here in Afro Foods and Spices, e-Brand is exceptional. We cannot ask for more.

        Kabir Bawa
        Kabir M. Bawa
        MD/CEO, Afro Foods and Spices Ltd
      • The online advert promising to improve school websites to enhance chances of enrollment seemed too good to be true but because of my belief in people, I decided to give it a shot.
        I parted with my money half-heartedly and waited. Within one week as promised a newly rebranded website was delivered to us. Amazing. We have indeed been receiving scheduled tours from the website.
        Dr Okpi is a professional who responds swiftly.

        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Directress, Pinefield Academy, Lekki
      • E-brand has proved to be a valued partner in achieving our operational objectives. We always strive for excellence and to be able to rely on a service provider to deliver on Time, on scope while meeting professional standards is what I call value for money. We hope to leverage on e-brand services to project the right image to our customers for greater market gains in the future.

        Umar Khalifa Yakubu
        Founder, Cyberlogik Foundation
      • e-Brand Promotion designed our first website in 2013 and over the years they have handled several other web development and web management jobs for our company, our NGO (A and Shine Foundation) and Nigeria Apiculture Platform (NAP). They are very quick to respond to issues and provide excellent IT support after the website is completed.

        Adeshina Ademola
        Ademola Adeshina
        Chairman, A and Shine International Ltd
      • E-Brand Promotions is an incredible brand with innovative insights. They created our official
        website for the 2 nd Session of the Covenant International Model United Nations. Within a
        short notice, they completed their deliverables exceptionally well. We are amazed by their
        simplicity and optimization of our website. They communicated extensively with us even at
        odd hours and periods. E-Brand is our recommendation to any company institution or brand
        that seeks to have an efficient and effective software, application and website. They are tested
        and trusted. We look forward to working with them continuously.

        Andikara Etubon Honour
        President, Covenant International Model United Nations (CIMUN)
      Find out what we will teach you so you can become an expert in iOS app development

      iOS Study Track

      Our dedicated study track for iOS development digs deep into the core of creating successful apps for iOS devices – iPhones, iPads, or macOS. We train you to develop any app you want, however you want it, and with the exact functionalities, you desire.

      So, whether you’re looking to start an app-based business, create a portfolio of apps, or start out as a freelance app developer, our iOS study track covers everything you need to do that.

      Through our iOS app development training, you’ll learn how to work with SwiftUI, Apple’s latest UI Framework, using it to create visually appealing apps. We enable you to get a full grasp of how it works, with real-life examples, and mock deployments that leave the knowledge glued to your mind.

      It comprehensively covers software design, particularly how you organize and format codes for readability.

      The global mobile development space is getting more competitive by the day, and only developers with the cutting-edge skills win. That’s where we get you.

      We’ve also used frameworks like CoreML, CoreML2 and CreateML to create machine learning-powered apps. Generic, static apps don’t cut it anymore. How do you create apps that interact with users with the peak of intelligence? Join our next class to find out.

      Creating wireframe, mockup and prototype of your app is a vital stage in mobile development. It’s the only way you show clients what they can expect, and what’s possible with technology. We introduce you to the tools you can use for these, with detailed instructions on how to use them.

      As a web developer, you should understand the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – the places of the type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, structures, classes and protocols.

      There’s also dedicated learning modules for networking, using Core Data, Realm, and Codable for data storage, and Apple StoreKit for in-app purchases. Just everything you need on one single study track.

      Our team also ensures you can easily deploy app development frameworks including Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, JQuery Mobile, and Adobe PhoneGap to create an amazing app everyone loves.

      Android Study Track

      Our specialised study track for android is designed to help you become a world-class android mobile app developer who can stretch mobile technology to its extreme.

      Working with hundreds of android apps, we’ve perfected the curriculum to cover everything you need to know, to get started as a tier-one app developer.

      This course teaches you how to code using Java and build functional, beautiful Android apps for phones, tablets and other android devices.

      It’s completely designed for individuals with no programming experience, equipping them with the right programming skills to deliver any app project without hitches.

      • Getting Started from Scratch

      We make our android development track easy to relate to, by getting you started on the foundations of building successful mobile apps. We introduce you to popular programming languages including Java and Kotlin, and how both are deployed for app development. This also touches on designing layouts or the user interface, using  XML. And you have the process of developing integrated app environments using Android Studio.

      • Creating Interactivity

      An app can only be as successful as seamless it is to interact with. We teach you how to use callbacks, implement appropriate gestures such as drag and drop, provide the right keyboard for user input, and use pan and zoom in the right place.

      • Engaging User Interface

      We understand the place of engaging and seamless user experience in the app development process. The study-track covers in-depth the use of Constraint Layout and Fragments for designing layouts, applying animations, and integrating modern menus.

      • Seamless Navigation

      How users navigate across the different pieces of content within your app has a huge role to play in the overall user experience (UX). We take you through the process of building efficient, seamless navigation with no friction of any kind.

      • Managing Your Database

      Web developers handle a lot of data-  fetching data from the server, query data from the local database, or save user preferences for a personalized experience, understanding data handling is vital.

      Using tools like Room database, ContentProvider, SharedPreferences API, or Data Binding Library, we help you get practical with integrating relevant data with your app.

      • Notifications, Global Functionalities

      Android apps function on varying features and specifications. The learning track takes you through how each one is implemented, with practical exercises that see them come to life. Think of notifications, app security, and other responsive features.

      And if you’re looking to build hybrid apps with cross-functionalities on both android and iOS devices, we have a specialised learning track that has that fully covered.

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