Creative Graphic Design Training in Nigeria

Our creative design class introduces you to how industry-leading tools can be deployed to build innovative design projects

No.1 Creative Design and Branding Training Class in Nigeria

We don't just teach you graphics design, we also teach how to handle corporate branding projects

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Would you like to become a creative design and corporate branding expert? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Our Creative Design training at e-Brand answers the question of what it takes to be a truly creative graphics design professional.

Learn how to create visual elements that touch the soul, and send the intended message unequivocally.

Our creative design class introduces you to how industry-leading tools can be deployed to build innovative design projects while helping you develop the skills needed for excellent design conceptualization and visual communication.

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Creative Computer Graphics Design in Nigeria

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    A little description of the what you want out of the training


    Request Proposal/Quotation

    We will get in touch with you ASAP







      A little description of the what you want out of the training


      Even if you have zero experience in graphics design, our team will take you step by step until become an expert in the field.

      Hear From eBrand Clients

      • eBrand redesigned our website and followed up with digital marketing services. We now rank no.1 in google for all relevant keywords related to our business. I’d recommend Smart and his team any time any day.

        Fehim Ozkanca
        Fehim Ozkanca
        General Manager, Karmod Nigeria
      • eBrand has been a contractor for The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for two years and has always delivered on digital service projects assigned to them in an organized, responsible, and timely manner. I believe that their skills and experience make them an excellent web development agency. I trust them and believe we will still do a lot more with them in future.

        UNOPS Nigeria
        Joshua Kojo Oyewale
        ICT and Logistics Analyst, UNOPS
      • To all of us here in Afro Foods and Spices, e-Brand is exceptional. We cannot ask for more.

        Kabir Bawa
        Kabir M. Bawa
        MD/CEO, Afro Foods and Spices Ltd
      • The online advert promising to improve school websites to enhance chances of enrollment seemed too good to be true but because of my belief in people, I decided to give it a shot.
        I parted with my money half-heartedly and waited. Within one week as promised a newly rebranded website was delivered to us. Amazing. We have indeed been receiving scheduled tours from the website.
        Dr Okpi is a professional who responds swiftly.

        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Chief Mrs Barbara Fadipe
        Directress, Pinefield Academy, Lekki
      • E-brand has proved to be a valued partner in achieving our operational objectives. We always strive for excellence and to be able to rely on a service provider to deliver on Time, on scope while meeting professional standards is what I call value for money. We hope to leverage on e-brand services to project the right image to our customers for greater market gains in the future.

        Umar Khalifa Yakubu
        Founder, Cyberlogik Foundation
      • e-Brand Promotion designed our first website in 2013 and over the years they have handled several other web development and web management jobs for our company, our NGO (A and Shine Foundation) and Nigeria Apiculture Platform (NAP). They are very quick to respond to issues and provide excellent IT support after the website is completed.

        Adeshina Ademola
        Ademola Adeshina
        Chairman, A and Shine International Ltd
      • E-Brand Promotions is an incredible brand with innovative insights. They created our official
        website for the 2 nd Session of the Covenant International Model United Nations. Within a
        short notice, they completed their deliverables exceptionally well. We are amazed by their
        simplicity and optimization of our website. They communicated extensively with us even at
        odd hours and periods. E-Brand is our recommendation to any company institution or brand
        that seeks to have an efficient and effective software, application and website. They are tested
        and trusted. We look forward to working with them continuously.

        Andikara Etubon Honour
        President, Covenant International Model United Nations (CIMUN)
      Let's Guide you on

      Your Path to Becoming a Creative Designer

      e-Brand offers a comprehensive learning track that ensures you end up at the top of the ladder in the design space. We’re professional designers with a robust portfolio of sensational graphic content that communicates a brand’s message uniquely.

      Develop a solid foundation in the elements of design. We take our time to ensure you have a full grasp of the basic components that make appealing designs – the little bits of typography, color, and layout that matter in their tiniest forms.

      Each component is explored in hands-on classes where our in-house professionals walk you through their respective roles in the design process. It doesn’t end with you just understanding them, we ensure you can deploy them for excellent designs, through multiple exercises and learning drills.

      Explore the conceptualization process of creating appealing designs. We understand that place of ideation and visualization that bring compelling design ideas to mind. And we walk you through how that can be deployed time and again. Our study track is deliberately structured to task your mind on coming up with design concepts.

      From understanding design briefs, and translating it to appealing outcomes, you will learn how to create excellent designs from basic information about a brand, the target audience, and the goal of the design.

      Get hands-on with major design tools, and ideas, all-through the learning process. From Illustrator to InDesign and Photoshop, we’re all about how practical you can get. No too much theories. We take the features one after the other, and ensure you understand their respective roles in creating appealing graphic contents.

      Clients we've Worked For

      Graphics Design Course Modules

      Graphics Basics

      Here’s where you get started with understanding what creative design is all about. Our team introduces the concepts and tools that dominate the current trends in design. Learn about image editing, logo concepts, and other essential basics.

      Design Layout 

      In this module, you will learn how to create more attention-grabbing designs by understanding the rudiments of layout and composition. Components arrangement and design structures that can make a design world-class or otherwise. The class is dedicated to ensuring you get this right on all fronts.

      From creating logos and brochures to flyers and other forms of designs, you will learn the right approach to text, images, and design elements positioning.


      Nothing beats good typographic capabilities in creating a world-class design. Learn how to use fonts efficiently without creating emotional confusion, and communicating a brand’s message as intended. It also illustrates how spacing and alignment affect your design.

      Colour for Design

      Colours are lifeline components of graphics design. The module is comprehensively devoted to understanding color theory, and its practical application. We discuss the use of color palettes, and manipulate colors in graphics design tools. And when your colour is becoming a disaster, you’ll need to troubleshoot and fix. That’s also a part of learning here.

      InDesign Essentials

      InDesign has a special place in graphics design. The Adobe-owned tool powers a bulk of quality design at this time, thanks to its extensibility and comprehensive features. We walk you through how to use InDesign for creating all forms of graphic content.

      Our InDesign classes have dedicated time to walk through how liquid content is applied for different screen sizes, the application of alternate layouts and text frame fitting. You will also learn about digital publishing, as well as linking in graphic content.

      And when it comes to interactivity, creating content based on EPUB and HTML 5, as well as an introduction into InDesign’s robust extensions library, you can trust our expertise.

      Adobe Photoshop

      Learn the core features of Adobe Photoshop, and how they can be applied for photography and design. The class covers how to improve color and tone, master layers, masking, and selections, add text, retouch, and a lot more.

      We know Photoshop is comprehensive, but so is our learning track for it. The classes take out the design features one after the other, guiding you on their application along the way. And we don’t just show you, the learning sessions are all hands-on, having you work on real-life projects to show your knowledge at every stage.

      Adobe Illustrator

      From the capability to create pixel-perfect designs, and its unequalled built-in design templates, Illustrator remains one of the leading world-class tools used for creative designs. We walk you through how to use the latest version, touching on major features and functionalities, one after the other.

      We introduce you to the myriad of tools, from the CSS extractor to color synchronization, path segment reshaping, and touch workspace. Illustrator also has a hold on perspective drawing enhancements, live shapes capability, and magnification options, all of which we painstakingly cover in the classes.

      Color Trends

      What colour works best for what type of design? That’s one of the questions our creative design learning track covers. Professional graphics design is closely tied to a perfect blend of colours. We put you on that professional edge with this comprehensive class on colour trends.

      Ready to Become an IT Professional?

      At e-Brand, we make a creative design professional out of everyone willing to learn. If you’re looking to become one, enrol for our next class now!