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eBrand 3-Step Website Design Process Explained

Dear Friend,

The short article you are about to read is drawn from our experience designing 1000+ websites in Nigeria and how we can use the knowledge drawn to help you optimize your website to generate a steady stream of customers/clients/donors/partners etc. online.

So I’m going to go straight to the point and introduce you to our 3-step web design process that has transformed several businesses with most of them doubling and even tripling their customer base in a matter of weeks/months.

Some of our clients now do not even bother to do any other form of marketing these days. Their website does that for them.

They rely completely on their website now as their no.1 source for acquiring leads and customers on daily basis. (see some testimonials)

These clients range from startups, SMEs to Big businesses and NGOs (See our client list)

Our 3-step web design strategy works because we position your business as the no.1 leading brand in your industry. This breeds trust in your prospects’ minds and people only buy from you IF they trust you.

What this means is that even before prospects pick up their phone to call your business/organization, they are already convinced about your product/service based on how interactive, professional, and engaging your website is.

Now, what is this 3-step web design strategy that has so benefitted us and our clients so much over the years?

We call it the D.O.P STRATEGY



Now where most businesses and organizations get it wrong is that they stop at step-1, which is DESIGN.

The reason is either that the website designer they hired is an amateur or simply doesn’t care enough about their business/organization to pass through the rigours associated with the last 2 steps.

In the design phase, we don’t stop at building a professional and engaging, mobile-friendly website.

We take it a step further by specially customizing it in such a way that it breeds trust and confidence in the minds of your specific target audience when they visit your web page.

In addition to these, we use bank-grade 256-bits encryption to protect your website and your visitors against hackers and spammers. This means 99.9% uptime and security is guaranteed.

After the design comes


You will agree that even if you have the best-designed website in the world, if it is not:

  1. Optimized to be visible to your target market,
  2. Optimized to convert visitors to customers,

Then it’s a failed investment.

Where and how do you achieve the above 2?

The simple answer to WHERE is Google (Over a billion people use Google daily to search for answers).

And HOW do we make your business visible in Google and optimized for conversion?

We do what’s called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION respectively. These are painstaking rigorous processes. This is why most digital agencies either avoid it completely or charge you separately for it after design.


After we OPTIMIZE your website, the next thing is that we help you PROMOTE and manage it for one month at no extra cost.

The idea of promoting your website after designing and optimizing it is comparable to when a mechanic fixes your car engine. Of course, you would expect him to test-drive it to assess performance.

So when we are done with your site, we test-drive it for you by promoting it to your target market (via social media channels) to see how well it can convert cold prospects who have never heard of your company into real customers who trust you enough to pay for your products and services and broadcast the information to their friends/family.

You will agree that there is no better way to test the efficiency of your website and its capacity to generate quality ROI for you.

So how much does it cost to design or redesign your website using the 3-step DOP web design strategy?

CLICK HERE to submit your details and request for price quotation. Someone from our team will call you to discuss your project in detail. Or you can just tap this number 08105882416 right now to call.

I and my team are eagerly looking forward to working with you.


Dr Smart Okpi

Creative Director, eBrand Promotion.

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