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How to Identify a Good Web Design Company in Nigeria

web design company - E-Brand PromotionAre you looking for a reliable web design company in Nigeria to design a website for your business or organization?

This is something that requires a lot of dedicated effort and commitment.

Unfortunately, most business owners do not see it that way.

The result?

They end up redesigning the company website over and over again. After a while, they conclude that web design companies in Nigeria or simply web designers generally are not reliable.

However, this is not necessarily so. Agreed, there are so many bad eggs and incompetent folks parading themselves as web designers or some can even go to the extent of calling themselves a web design company.

It is important to note that due diligent search will help you identify the truly professional ones and sieve them out from the rest.

So here are a few tips that will aid you in identifying a great website design company;

Web design Portfolio

Do they have a track record of past projects? If they do, ask for the evidence.

To confirm that the websites were actually built by the web design company, check the footer of the websites they say they created for a mention of their name e.g. "web design by xxx Web Design Company". Almost every web designer I know adds this footer.

Web design Pricing

 If a web designer charges ridiculously low like NGN20,000 or so, please run, else you will end up with a substandard website. (see a breakdown of web design cost)

This is not to advocate for higher prices for web designers, but to inform you that any web design company that really wants to offer you quality service will not accept such fee because it may not even be enough to buy a good and dependable hosting space and domain name, not to talk of service charges.

Ignore this advice at your own peril!!!

Level of Web design knowledge

Are they just web designers or web developers/programmers?

Ask if the web design company have competent staff with knowledge of web programming which is different from web design.

It is always better to patronize web developers with knowledge of PHP or ASPX programming language.

This is because they have a more in-depth knowledge and this will help them bring your ideas to life on the web no matter how crazy they are.

But a designer with mere HTML knowledge would not be able to do that.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Does the web design company have staff with good knowledge of search engine optimization?

Don't forget the aim of every business person is to have his website seen and indexed by Google.

What is the use of having a website that no one visits?

Through your conversation with them, you will easily know this. If they don't even mention about basic onsite SEO for your website, do not patronize them, simple!


Only patronize web design companies in Nigeria with enough experience.

This helps you avoid having your website designed by amateurs who will only end up using your website as a learning experience and of course, it will always come out amateur looking.

In conclusion, follow these simple pieces of advice above and you will be able to differentiate the amateur road-side web designers from really competent professional web design companies in Nigeria

Do you have a question(s) about your website design project? Talk to a web development team with over 12 years experience. We will help you every step of the way - from conceptualizing the idea to design and full implementation.

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Type of website package Suitable for small and medium scale businesses

There are basically two types of website packages available that a web designer can offer to a business owner or organization. These are dynamic website package and Static website package. Every other type of website e.g. Content management websites, ecommerce websites, HTML/Flash websites etc. falls under one of these two website packages.

Dynamic Website Package:

This website package is ideal for small and medium scale businesses because, it is easy to control without any programming knowledge. Thus it gives you absolute control over your website and the maintenance of the content therein. This is even more so because businesses are dynamic and ever changing week after week, thus it is important that you as a business owner should be able to edit and control your own website as you wish. Do not forget, your webmaster may be sick, out of the country or simply too busy for you when you need a major change to be effected on your website. This therefore makes dynamic website package a far better offer to select.

Static Website Package:

Static websites have their own uses especially if you require just a simple website. Also if your business does not require any serious update frequently. This is, however, ideal for individuals who just want to have a presence online and some businesses also who may want an online presence but are cash-strapped at the moment. This is because HTML based static websites are always cheaper to design.

Finally, before you decide to go for dynamic website package for your business, you have to be sure you can manage and update it regularly. Alternatively, that you are willing to hire or outsource the website maintenance to a professional web and social media management company. Else, having a dynamic website will confer no reasonably viable advantage over a static website despite being costlier.

How Do I Create a Website For my Business in Nigeria

Create your own website in Nigeria

Do you need to create a website for your business in Nigeria but don't have an idea about how to go about doing that? Then this article is for you. In the next 5 minutes, you will find out in details all that you need to do to create a beautiful website for your business in less than 1 hour.

First and foremost, to design a website for your business in Nigeria, you need to establish one fact first.

1. Do I want to create the website myself.

2. Do I want to hire a web designer in Nigeria to create my website for me.

When you have decided, then the process can begin.

How to create your own Website

Step one: Buy a domain name

the first thing you have to do is to run a domain search and then purchase the domain that you want to use to create your website. your domain name is usually " To buy a domain, there are several options to choose from. The foreign ones include,,, etc. But I would recommend because that is the company we use at E-Brand Promotion. They have the best customer service. You may also want to explore some Nigerian companies that also sell domain name especially if you want to purchase a or .ng extension names e.g For that you can use . I use them also for a couple of domain names. Don't forget, you will be able to pay with you naira mastercard or visa card (verified). the cost is usually between 10 - 20 USD(i.e. N1,650 - N3,200)

2.Second Phase: Purchase a hosting space.

The second step in creating your own website in Nigeria is to buy a hosting space for the domain you have just purchased. The good thing is that most domain selling companies also offer web hosting services. So you would just complete the second phase with the first at the same time. That means you can use the same companies suggested in step one. This should cost you between 36 - 156USD per annum. (i.e. approx N6,000 - N26,000). These are scalahosting prices though. For web hosting, we would not really recommend Nigerian hosting companies. Have had a couple of bad experiences. However, some are still very reliable and you might consider using them.

Money spending ends here.

3. Step Three: Begin Creating your website

Now That you have successfully hosted your website, you can begin designing your website in earnest. And to do this successfully, you need a basic knowledge of HTML. i.e. the programming language for building websites.

There are 2 ways to go about it.

a. You can design your own website from scratch using web design softwares such as dreamweaver. This is long and tedious and will not fit into our one-hour timeline.

b. You can use a template: either paid or free. simply search for "HTML website templates" and you will get an avalanche of templates to choose from. Then you can simply edit the information therein.

However, if you have no knowledge of HTML, do not despair, you can simply use one of the content management applications such as wordpress or joomla. They are very easy to use without any web programming knowledge and you will be up and running in no time.

Step Four: Upload your website to the Cpanel.

At this stage, all you have to do is to make use of one of the FTP softwares to upload your already designed website to the cpanel. (remember you will be sent a username and password via email to access your Cpanel after hosting is completed.). At E-Brand, we make use of Filezilla. It is free.

If you want to use wordpress or Joomla, you just simply visit their website at or, download the application. After downloading, use your FTP software to upload it to your Cpanel.

After that, Voila! you are just one step away from completing your own website.

Step Five: Edit your website.

This is for those using Joomla or wordpress. You will have to edit the pages, and add your own information and contact details etc. After this, you are good to go!

We advise however that if a website is going to represent your company image online, it is better to hire an experienced and professional website design company here in Nigeria to create it for you. This is because a standard professional business website requires the expertise of no less than 3 professionals working in different areas namely, web programming, graphics design and website critiquing. Trust me no one individual can be excellent in all three areas. Creating a standard website is a team work.

Hire a Professional web design Company in Nigeria to Create a website For You

On the other hand, if the above process seems like a lot of hard work and a long learning curve which you simply don't have the time for, call 08144297674 or Click here to select a web design package that best suites your business or company needs and then request for a quotation. You will get a response within the next 24 hours afterwhich you will have a beautiful, professionally designed website running in 7 days from today.

E-Brand Promotion is a professional web design company in Nigeria with web designers, graphic artists, SEO experts and web critics who have years of  experience in creating dynamic websites. see our web design portfolio for the latest websites we have designed.

Web Design in Nigeria: What You Pay is What You Get... Deal with it!


It is no news that the Nigerian web design industry, is currently flooded with all manner of "experts" who would claim and promise heaven and earth. And of course charge all manner of prices from the outright ridiculous to the insanely outrageous. But one underlying factor is that you ultimately get the quality of website design that you pay for.

How do you mean? You may be asking right now. The answer is simple.

Most folks who claim to be web designers in Nigeria are simply hungry fellows who just learnt the rudiments of how to design HTML sites in a one-weekend seminar. They probably just got the basics and are eager to make money. So they don't really know the value of the service they are offering, which in any case is usually substandard. As such you see them charging such ridiculously low fee as N15,000.00.

My friend, you have to watch out for such web designers. They never deliver! No self-respecting web designer or web design company in Nigeria will charge such.

On the other extreme however are the so called "big boys" web developers who over-estimate the value of the web design service and charge as high as 2 million Naira and above. The truth in as much as I hate to admit it because I have never charged 7-figure (see bad belle in action!), is that you will get quality website designed for you. Period!

Therefore, as a business owner in need of a website, you have to know how and where to strike the balance and ensure you get the best quality design for your website at the most reasonable fee. In other to do this, here is a guide:

--- Ask for the type of website you would get. Will it be dynamic CMS website or static HTML website? In a layman's language, this simply means  that in the former, you would be able to control and edit the website and add unlimited number of pages at will (which of course is very important) whereas in the later, you wouldn't be able to do so; WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).
--- If you need a website for your business and a web designer in Nigeria starts telling you the website will be 3 pages, 5 pages etc., RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! This is 2014 for Heaven's sake. Nobody does limited-page website anymore. Except of course you specifically request for a static website. You can never rule out customer-preference issues.
--- If the designer charges anything less than NGN40,000.00 (except on special arrangement), you had better start running, else I can bet a million naira (i.e. if I have it though for betting. lol) that you will start looking for redesign before long. I’m sure those of you who like it cheap will be cursing and spitting fire at this. But don't forget, in web design in Nigeria, you simply get what you pay for.
--- If the website designer does not have an office where you can locate him. You don't want someone running away with you 50% initial deposit. Well, you have to follow this advice with caution. There are many a good web designers out there with great skills and imagination who are just starting out. I know a few years ago, I was down-down the food chain. But you have to ask for previous jobs to confirm.

Finally, if you need a website, the most important factor on your mind should Not be about pricing. It may surprise you to know that at E-Brand Promotion, up to 60% of our new web design projects are for redesign of existing websites. Your major concern should be whether the individual or company will be able to deliver on what you requested for. Therefore, you should know exactly what you want from a website before you pick up the phone to call a web designer in Nigeria.

Your business website may be hurting your company... Find out how

web design Nigeria - E-brand promotion

With today's mad rush by every company to get a business website, it is wise to advise companies about the fact that creating a website for your business may be essentially damaging your company's reputation.

Why? How? You may ask

Did you know that if your business website is dormant, visitors (that is if you even have any visitors at all) may erroneously believe that your company must have become dormant as well. Maybe that is why the last update on your business' official website is 1 and half years old. Trust me nothing could present you as being unserious with your business as this. Especially if your company is the type that requires frequent update like schools, hotels, religious organizations (like churches), etc.

For example, if you retail clothing and accessories, how do you explain to your potential customers online that the exact products displayed in your online business website 1 year ago are still the same products that are still in your store today. Don't you think it would be safe to assume that you are no longer in business?

Or how would you expect me to believe you are still in business when I send you an email via the address on your business website and I get no response from your company after 1 month. This is very common with Nigerian company websites.

What most companies do not understand is that the internet is a very dynamic world and it is either you change and adapt or you die and get forgotten.

In conclusion, I would like to advise companies that if they must own a website for business, they must be willing to establish a department for managing their online presence or simply outsource that service to a professional web and social media management consultant.